What’s your superpower?


Superpowers. They’re very cool. Imagine a world where we all have at least one but we don’t know what it is yet.

Being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound is impressive. And who wouldn’t want the ability to fly? But there are a number of, let’s say, more ‘realistic’ superpowers that you probably could have and just don’t realise yet…

Sleeping on the job

Anyone who possesses this particular superpower is a superstar. It’s not so much about getting caught. Anyone can find an excuse for dropping off the office radar for a sneaky 15 minutes or so. The superpower comes with being able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. They don’t call it power-napping for nothing.*

Imagine all the times you wish you had the ability to curl up under your desk and take a nanna-nap after coming back from your lunch versus how many times you’ve fantasised about spinning webs to travel from building to building, and you know Sleeping On The Job is a superpower that would help you and weary office workers the world over.

Discussing Game of Thrones without actually watching it

There are few worse experiences in the workplace than being left out of the loop. It’s like a joke that everyone’s in on, except you, and you’re left standing by the watercooler like a shag on a rock.

These days, not being au fait with the goings-on in the Seven Kingdoms is likely to see you flung out of the so-called loop at maximum velocity before the words ‘Ned Stark’s execution’ leave your mouth. But, as any good poker player will tell you, the art of the bluff is as important a skill as any to master when it comes to playing cards.

If you’re still bluffing your way undetected through workplace discussions of GoT after six seasons and endless rhetorical questions like ‘How about Jon Snow/Littlefinger/Tyrion/Cersei/Daenerys/Hodor?’ – or any other character that has come up in your social media feed – then we can all agree you’ve got yourself a boast-worthy superpower.

Finding quality parking spots

When it comes to practical superpowers, few could rival the ability to find awesome parking spots on demand. Imagine: It’s Friday night. You’ve had a dog of a week. You’re meeting friends for dinner and drinks, and you’re running late. Traffic is a nightmare, rain tumbles down relentlessly and everyone is searching for parking. Everyone, of course, except you.

No matter what time of the day or night it is – and no matter where – your superpower is nailing that elusive parking space right out front of wherever you’re meant to be. Conservatively, if you look for parks at least once a day, and your superpower means you save 15 minutes each time by having that parking spot guaranteed, you’re saving yourself around 105 minutes per week – that’s almost two hours… and that’s a decent powernap. 

Getting maximum value from all-you-can-eat restaurants

Few challenges excite (or inspire) like the challenge of paying a single fee to eat as much food as your stomach can handle in one sitting at a restaurant.

You enjoy a hearty breakfast, and skipping lunch is a given due to work demands, so you welcome the three-course all-you-can-eat carnage that is your evening meal with unparalleled gusto. Others blast out of the starting gates, loading up with everything on offer as their opening salvo. You, meanwhile, pace yourself through proceedings like a 15-round title bout. You can go the distance, because no one messes with your superhuman ability to get the most out of all-you-can-eat restaurants.

And then you can rest easy that night in a food-induced coma knowing you’ve got maximum bang from your buck.

Ensuring your workplace has uninterrupted electricity

You’re not the person who has to worry about power failures causing life-threatening or costly disruptions to your facility or massive data and security compromise. Oh no, no, no. Your competitors are the ones who still sleep with the phone next to their bed in case of an emergency.

You’re calm. You’re cool. You’re collected. You’re the office example of Zen. Why?

You are the company superhero who had the foresight to safeguard your organisation against power failure with the most reliable uninterrupted power supply available: Schneider Electric’s Galaxy VX. With a staggering 99% efficiency rate, the Galaxy VX fully integrates with Schneider Electric energy management solutions and features flexible operating modes to optimise the efficiency of IT environments. Use it when power interruption is not an option, such as for data centres, industrial or facilities applications.

It’s as good a superpower as Sleeping on the Job, Discussing Game of Thrones Without Actually Watching It, Finding Quality Parking Spots and Getting Maximum Value From All-You-Can-Eat Restaurants… and then a whole lot more.

* Europeans have made Sleeping On The Job socially acceptable by calling it a ‘siesta’. Pure genius.

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