Six Real-World Approaches to Managing Hybrid IT Environments

Data centre operators face a rapidly evolving technology landscape and a cloud-powered wave of disruption. Driving this change is the growing availability and adoption of opex-based ‘off-premises’ services, such as public cloud, X-as-a-service and colocation offerings.

Yet not all workloads are being, or can be, outsourced. This means we’re increasingly managing ‘hybrid’ IT environments – a mix of off-premises services and privately owned, internal ‘on-premises’ DC capacity – which creates new complexities and challenges.

How is having workloads in different environments changing the requirements for hardware, software, networking and operational procedures? Which management strategies and tactics are proving successful?

451 Research asked several infrastructure leaders at different enterprises in the US, UK and Asia-Pacific these and other questions. In separate in-depth interviews, they described how their capacity locations are changing, and their different approaches to managing them, including the challenges and the lessons learned.

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