Five (cinematic) reasons you need uninterrupted power

Electricity is something we all take for granted but it’s not called ‘power’ for nothing. Electricity is an indispensable feature of the modern world and, if something goes wrong with its supply, all hell breaks loose.

You don’t believe us?

Learn from the lessons of literature, cinema and television, and see how an uninterrupted electrical supply could be the difference between life and death, success and failure, good and evil…

Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s that pivotal moment when Dr Frankenstein is ready to flick the switch and bring his monster to life. He’s on the brink of the greatest scientific achievement of humankind so he has run electrical lines into the castle, rather than rely on a freak bolt of lightning. Unfortunately, since scientific research is under-funded, he’s skimped on the power protection. The electricity goes out. Dr Frankenstein goes to bed instead.


The Zombie holocaust is upon us. We seek refuge in a shopping mall where there are enough supplies to see us through a number of weeks. All we have to do is sit back, relax and watch re-runs of The Walking Dead. But then, the unthinkable happens: the power goes out. The refrigeration no longer works, we’re totally in the dark, the security system fails and, most tragically, we’re likely to die from boredom.


Apparently, True Blood was a documentary and vampires are taking over the world. Aren’t we lucky some forward-thinking person installed daylight bulbs in the streetlights so we can travel around freely at night (even if the city feels like one a big convenience store)? Only hitch, they forgot about power protection. A storm hits and the lights go out. Even if you didn’t want to be a blood donor, suddenly you are…


Lycanthropes have gone out of fashion and laser hair removal beauty clinics are making a killing with their latest product, ‘The Werewolf Brazilian’. Only by ensuring all hair is removed at a full moon can a werewolf assimilate into society without scaring the bejesus out of everyone. But, as fate would have it, there is a blackout and the werewolves can’t control their hirsutism. We all die of shock from unsightly hair exposure. 


Gremlins are really cute. In fact, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to keep them as pets, as long as you don’t get them wet or feed them after midnight or expose them to bright light. But there is debate over the definition of bright light – how bright is bright? Is there a standardised point where Gizmo becomes the bad gremlin? We find out when there is a power surge and all the lights shine a little brighter than usual.

In all of these examples, if only there had been reliable power protection to ensure uninterrupted power supply?

The most dependable and powerful power protection comes in the form of the Schneider Electric Galaxy VX, offering up to 99 per cent efficiency. Highly scalable with 3-phase power protection from 500kVA to 750kVA, Galaxy VX fully integrates with Schneider Electric energy management solutions and flexible operating modes (Double Conversion, Eco and ECOnversion) to optimise the efficiency of IT environments such as data centres, and industrial or facilities applications.

If everyone had the Schneider Electric Galaxy VX, the world would be a much safer place.

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