4 invisible things that might kill you (and one that definitely can)

Out of sight, out of mind? Unfortunately, this old adage is true for most of us and it can pose a serious risk to our safety. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you.

There are many things around us that are invisible to the eye, yet mighty powerful in their ability to inflict harm. From breaking hearts to breaking wind, the dangers of intangible stuff that you just can’t see means you’re unlikely to see them coming. We’d like to say ‘keep an eye out’ for the following but, instead, we’re just asking you to be forewarned and forearmed… especially for the fifth in our list.

First up, here are four invisible things which could kill you…

Paranormal activity

OK, you might laugh but there’s no actual proof that paranormal activity does not exist! Occasional news reports pop up about people encountering ghostly apparitions or feeling the presence of something in their house – even if they can’t actually see it. If the movie Poltergeist taught us anything, we can be thankful for digital television (no ‘snow’) and 24-hour TV channel broadcasts.

Flatulence & halitosis

How can bad breath and farting possibly kill you? If you’re asking this question, you’ve never been in the presence of a person on a high-fibre diet or danced the tango with a partner desperately in need of a breath mint. The emission of human body gases can definitely kill you, only surpassed in severity by the wind of the family pet; anything that eats the droppings of another animal creates farts of a deadly kind.

Mosquitoes in the bedroom at night

Mosquitoes may be the tiniest of creatures, but they can sure cause a ruckus when you’re trying to sleep. You turn the lights on, and they’re nowhere to be found. You turn the lights off, and they’re miraculously back again. Apart from spreading serious disease, a mosquito produces a persistent hum the equivalent of Chinese water torture, not to mention the itching when they finally make contact.


You can’t see it, but love is everywhere. It makes people glow. It makes you want to vomit when there’s a besotted couple within your vicinity. And it makes you want to kill yourself when it isn’t returned… Inevitably, if something that begins as mutual ends, it’s usually at the expense of one of the participants and, if that participant is you, it feels like a dagger has pierced your heart. Death seems like a great option.

Finally, this invisible thing definitely can kill you…


Now this is where we get really serious, because electricity is no laughing matter – unfortunately, it’s proven to be an invisible (and silent) killer time and time again.

When it comes to protecting your power source and building on its capabilities, you need to choose products that don’t compromise on quality or skimp on the levels of safety and reliability that are imperative when it comes to electrical supply. That’s where Schneider Electric proudly leads the industry.

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They don’t call it power for nothing.

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