Tatts Group Optimises Business Performance with StruxureWare Software

Tatts Group is one of Australia’s largest lottery and gaming companies, operating the majority of lotteries within Australia, as well as wagering, telephone betting and online transactions. Their online transactions make them one of the highest trafficked sites in the country.

The nature of the business means that their transactions are all time critical and that processing must happen in real time. Any downtime of equipment results in the immediate and real loss of income for the group, and because the events are perishable, that is, betting on them can only happen before the event has begun, there is no way for the group to recoup any losses after the fact.


“The increased monitoring means that if there is a problem, we can see immediately where that problem is and fix it. No more manual diagnosis, which tends to be slow and inefficient. We can also see immediately whether there is a problem with the infrastructure or the power, so we know what needs to be done…

Matt Maw, Tatts Group CTO

With ageing infrastructure across two data centres, and beginning their journey to move into a new – building, Tatts Group was looking to update their software to provide better monitoring and control. With this in mind, they reached out to the market for submissions, and conducted their own extensive research in order to find the best possible solution.

Tool that provides complete insight and control

Tatts Group had a need to classify their infrastructure between “business critical” and “business important”, and they needed to be able to transfer this classification all the way down to the physical data centre infrastructure.

Previously, the only way this could be done was to have someone physically walk through the facility and check which racks were being used for which purposes.

They require a tool that would provide complete insight and control over their data centre’s daily operations to avoid inefficiencies resulting from manual monitoring. Making informed decisions related to capacity planning, equipment changes, and availability is also critical to streamline their operational efficiencies. They need to gain insight into their IT power consumption and utilisation to increase efficiency and decrease cost.

StruxureWare for Data Centres software solution

Schneider Electric put forward their StuxureWare for Data Centres software as a solution for Tatts Group. The software allows data centre owners to plan, monitor and effectively operate their sites.

For Tatts Group, the software was particularly appropriate as it provided them with the ability to demonstrate their moves and changes to the data centre infrastructure and allowed them to look at capacity planning.

“StruxureWare for Data Centres provides us with the ability to monitor all power from the main switchboard through to individual rack units,” Matt Maw, Tatts Group CTO said.

“The heat mapping and air flow analysis tools have also allowed us to work on our cooling systems, and as a result we have been able to implement a two-degree rise in our cooling temperatures, which will provide us with significant savings on energy requirements.”

Building a strong business relationship

Through ongoing support and communication, Schneider Electric has worked with Tatts Group to provide them with a solution for the monitoring and control of their data centres which will see them save money both now and in the future. The solution also provides them with peace of mind that in the event of a downtime occurrence, the software will notify them immediately of this, and provide details on what the problem might be. “The back-up services that we have seen from Schneider Electric have been excellent,” Jo said. “There hasn’t been a question I have asked that hasn’t had a timely reply. And if there has been a question that can’t be answered by our local contacts, it goes back through Schneider Electric globally and we have received the information that way. We have been very pleased with our ongoing relationship with Schneider Electric.”  

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